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My Christmas Wish

December 26, 2016

​As I’m trying to tick off the tasks that need to be done before tonight and preparing to enjoy time with my family, I can’t help but think about the kids I know, or have known, who aren’t as lucky as mine this year. 

Gifts they could use from Santa are homes, a family who supports them, parents who learn to fulfill their basic needs of medical care and education, parents who will slow their flurry of whatever keeps them from being attentive parents in order to spend the time it takes to be a parent of Special needs kids. People who will honor their promises, be there when they say they will be there, folks who won’t force them to try and be an adult way before it’s time.  Food. A bedroom. A bed.

They need elves who will help them get support and services from the county for their families’ needs. More funding for mental health services, affordable health care, an education system that can afford to find the best teachers for the hardest kids and keep them. Educational policies that offer, no, guarantee them the same education as the kid who has all these things and more.

They need the magic of constant belief in them. People who believe in the impossible and root for the underdog every time. More people and strangers who will rally around their needs and  join in a community of people who make the magic happen. 

Many of you often commend me for what I do, but it’s really nothing magical. My strength is working directly with kids of all sorts and having a nearly endless supply of patience and empathy. Your strength may be volunteering for organizations who make these things happen. It may be in understanding local politics and how to help these things happen. It might be inviting those kids without a safe space to be safe in your space for a dinner or sleepover.

There is no one magical thing to do. As your Christmas gift to me, please remember that it takes a village to raise a child. Sometimes we have to step up and give something others aren’t capable of giving  Remember that the kid who benefits from your tax dollars is of concern to you. They are our future. Investing in our future is wise. Volunteer in the schools to see how they really run. Volunteer in your community to keep kindness alive for others.

Take a moment to realize that the kid you see that looks like trouble might not really be. Or they might be and it is up to you to shine some light for them to guide the way, they might not have a light to follow.

All of us can be a North Star to others. Keep your star shining bright all year.

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