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Fairy Booklace

Fairy Booklace

Next time you step into the woods close your eyes, take a deep breath, and listen with your heart. Do you hear the magic taking place around you? Flowers blooming, trees speaking in the wind, tiny little creatures scattering all about. This necklace captures a bit of nature’s magic that surrounds us.

I spent many evenings carving into copper to create the “wood” covers of this “book” In between the covers are magical pictures of fairies taken from the book Flower Fairies of Spring along with a poem I have written onto handmade paper with blue flower petal inclusions. The book portion of the necklace is approximately 2″ h x 1.5″w.

The necklace links were wrapped by me from steel wire and I’ve attached them to a hand dyed ribbon. The clasp is made from copper. This is a signed. one of a kind piece bearing my initials and year of creation.

The length of the necklace is approximately 20 inches. The necklace can be lengthened or shortened if needed, just let me know.

Available – $150.00 + actual shipping

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